blue organza.

blue organza, black elastic, polyester thread, pvc pouch, 2019

Blue Organza was a study into the applications of a piece of fabric over the span in 2019. I made a summer top and a decorative pouch. I was inspired by designer Molly Goddard’s use of shirring and gathering tulle and organza.

The front of a clear pvc pouch is decorated with deep blue organza, sewn in rows of shirring to create a pattern. Gathers replicating shirring allowed by the stretch of elastic thread give volume and depth of colour to an otherwise opaque lightweight fabric. the tactile nature of the fabric gives a fluidity to the design like that of the floating breeze.

The blouse is hand cut and sewn using a personal pattern to make an off-the-shoulder summer blouse gathered with elastic at shoulders, armholes, and ribs. the lightweight organza gives the simple form a distinctive whimsical and delicate nature. It is photographed at the beach in the summer sun and sea breeze for look book presentation