wool and wool mix yarn, 2021

Maglia is a knitwear brand proposing a design solution of expanding and retracting knitted textiles for women responding to their weight fluctuations, especially during menstruation. Due to water retention, the body can fluctuate up to 2 kgs throughout the menstrual cycle, peaking on the first day of menstruation. (White et al., 2011) 65% of women experience period-related swelling (Tacani et al., 2015). Maglia offers a capsule collection of garments, customising the tension in areas based on client measurements to allow expanding and retracting of the body comfortably. A slight compression can be included to offer relief to period pain and insert a heat compress. Maglia is a sustainable design intervention to throw-away culture, enduring garments that are always there for you. Clothing items are only worn 7 to 10 times before they are discarded. (Macarthur, 2020) Maglia hopes to encourage clients to develop an emotional connection with their garments, to ensure the designs are held onto for many years.

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maglia on model.

full body of maglia on model

focus of maglia on model

close up of maglia I

close-up of maglia II

concept illustrations

technical sketches

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