ocean plastics.

I thought hard about the reason that so many plastic bags are thrown away carelessly and end up as ocean pollution. plastic bags don’t hold any meaning to peoples’ lives other than its temporary immediate function. I explore how to use textiles knowledge to create a way for people to regard the abundance of plastic bags as a valuable resource. “Failure to act now will see ocean plastic stocks quadruple by 2040, reaching over 600m tonnes” (Macarthur, 2020) and soon more plastic than fish in the oceans.

this can be done by making plastic bags ‘luxurious’. luxury is something that holds meaning and esteem. luxury textiles hold a story in its making. this project explores traditional hand-knitting techniques with repurposed plastic bags, to create textile samples to reflect the brief. The knits have been visualised to be worn with other loose neutral natural fibre textiles such as a silk dress or cotton shirt. the pattern for the knit is like that of a knit vest or sleeveless dress, as seen here on Christian Dior fall 2015 couture.

click here for ocean plastics concept video

What if textiles could solve the ocean plastic waste problem by making plastic bags the new luxury material?

recycled plastic bags (blue, white & clear), 2020

Macarthur, E. (2020). Circular Economy - UK, USA, Europe, Asia & South America - The Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Retrieved 15 October 2020, from https:// www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/