textile narratives.

ilford black- & white RC (resin coated) photographic paper, glossy, 2021

Photograms are camera-less photography made by exposing light onto a light-sensitive surface such as photographic paper. Since the early 19th century, artists have continued to use photograms to expand conventional ideas of what they constitute as photography. The analogue production process of making photograms is still to this day a process of photography that holds endless possibilities. In this body of work, the intention is to use the process of making photograms to explore how textiles convey a narrative even when frozen in a moment of time. The textiles hold an inherent tension and relaxation of movement. Capturing the textiles in their base state, allowing the intervention of chance during the process, alludes to the unhindered potential of textiles. The difference and similarities between the textiles materials are visualised in the details of the texture and construction of the textile materials. As every photogram is evidence of the photography process, the photograms themselves are also evidence of a moment in the longer journey of the textiles.